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Victoria WGSA Swim Teacher


Thanks to my parents wanting me to be safe whilst enjoying the water from a very young age I have loved swimming all my life. And I wanted the same for my two children. Swimming lessons with them both was always my favourite time of the week. Our Baby lessons was our time to bond – just me and them and one of the most precious times in my life, to then watching them on the side line growing as swimmers, knowing they would always be safe in the water.

And because of that I became a Swimming Teacher 9 years ago and have never looked back. Over the 9 years of teaching children of all ages the most rewarding thing for me is to see a child go from strength to strength, loving the water and all the rewards it brings. I truly believe teaching a child to swim is one of the most important life skills we can give our children. It opens up so many opportunities for them and something they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Nick WGSA Swim Teacher


I have been actively teaching and coaching swimming for 10 years at various sites across Sussex. During this time I have seen thousands of children and adults grow into confident swimmers and learn to love the water – there is nothing more rewarding!

Swimming has always been a huge part of my life, I swam competitively when I was younger, it became my job and it's even how I met my wife! My biggest swimming achievements are medals at the National Open Water Championships and Masters Championships as well as podium finishes in some of the best known marathon swimming competitions in the UK and Europe. Alongside swimming I also competed as part of the team GB AG Triathlon team and achieved two gold medals at the Multisport World Championships in Canada and Denmark.

As well as teaching I also coach the foundation squads for Atlantis swimming club and have taught multiple county champions and seen swimmers go on to become regional and national medalists.

I love being poolside and want to make sure everyone can get the most from swimming and go on to love the water as much as I do!


  • SEQ Level 1 Teaching Aquatics
  • SEQ Level 2 Teaching Aquatics
  • SEQ Level 3 Swimming Coordinator
  • SEQ Level 1 Swim Coaching
  • SEQ Level 2 Swim Coaching
  • NRASTC (National Rescue Award)
  • + Regular CPD’s

Other Accolades

  • SEQ Level 1 Teaching Aquatics
Hayley WGSA Swim Teacher


My swimming journey started over 40 years ago. After my first lesson I knew that swimming was my passion. I still remember my first teacher with great affection. I started swimming for a club, progressed to County swimming and then to International competitions. Fast forward a few years, and after the birth of my first child I began my first role in education. I taught for 17 years at an independent school where my first role was a PE Teacher – teaching Reception to Yr 11. I taught most sports and swimming featured heavily in the diary.

I went back to college to specialise in Early Years and was appointed the Manager of the Nursery Department where I took 14 early years children swimming every – this was the most rewarding part of my teaching career.

The time was right and I decided to focus purely on teaching swimming. I believe the ethos of Early Years runs true for all children. Every child is unique and they all learn in different ways, at different times. I have gained the skills and knowledge through my other rolls to establish the trust of both children and parents. I am dedicated to teaching children a lifesaving skill and I believe all children need to learn in a nurturing and fun environment where they will thrive and learn to understand the many different ways that swimming can enhance their lives.

carley WGSA Swim Teacher


Hi, I’m Carley and I have loved the water for as long as I can remember, having been taught from a really early age to swim. I am now a mother of three young children (who of course all love the water too!) and I am truly passionate about water safety and nurturing a love of the water from a young age.

There is nothing more wonderful than watching your children grow in confidence and ability during their lessons. I believe with patience, trust and lots of fun, swimming should be something that our children look forward to, as well of course as being a key life and safety skill.

I can honestly say I love my job, I’m famed for loving a song! I believe that building relationships with the children and understanding them as individuals is the key to getting the best from them. Swimming is a skill that will be with them for a lifetime. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Karen WGSA Swim Teacher


Hello, I’m Karen . I’ve loved swimming since I was little, spending all summer in the local lido and joining a synchronised swimming club. When I had my son, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to the water and started baby swimming lessons when he was 3 months old. I loved our time in the water together, it’s such a bonding experience and watching his confidence grow has been such a joy. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to train to be a baby & preschool teacher so I could share this joy with other parents and their children.



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