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Swim England Pathway

We are registered with Swim England, the national body for Swimming in the UK, and our Technical Director, Nick Isaacson, has designed our in-house courses to follow their pathway, from newborns, to older children, joining us after school.

Nick has taken the time to make sure all our lesson plans deliver, utilising Swim England’s unrivalled experience, to guarantee a seamless and connected journey with WGSA.

Swim England Awards

We offer all Swim England awards, from their Discovery Duckling program for newborns, up to SE Stage 7 for our more experienced swimmers, giving lots of chances to identify and meet targets set by Swim England along the way! Nick has also created our very own set of Awards, linked to our learning stages – more on that on our bookings page.

Learning how to swim and watching those learning, becomes an even more enjoyable experience at West Grinstead Swimming Academy.

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